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Care With Quality provides a full range of services to support  people to live a full and meaningful life at home.

For some people that means supervising personal care, for others it’s a hand with domestic duties, shopping or escorting to appointments. We use the Active Model of care to ensure our clients remain as independent as possible, assisting only with the tasks they need help with and ensuring or encouraging them to do as much for themselves as possible or practical.  We understand that sometimes people can do tasks for themselves, but by doing them they may then be too tired to do other things later in the day of equal or more importance to them, so we look at a good balance, document it in a Care Plan, allow for flexibility, and review regularly.

‘Top up’ services to those living in retirement villages or residential care facilities, where the amount of care required for the individual is not able to be provided by the village or facility itself, is another type of service that Care With Quality provides.  For some this is assisting at meal times, taking out to appointments, companionship, in fact any of the services we provide can be provided in any setting- the home, retirement villages, nursing homes, even hospitals, where required.

We also provide supported outings and getaways for individuals and groups – with Care With Quality it is all about understanding needs and wants and creating the right care journey to help them be realised. See below some of our services, but to find out more contact us and see why we have been trusted by thousands of Melbourne locals for more than two decades.


Our carers can help with tasks like showering, grooming, dressing, toileting and getting in and out of bed – allowing you to maintain your independence and dignity in the comfort of your own home

  • Personal Care services extend beyond the usual expectation of helping you to have a shower and get dressed for the day. As required by your personalised Care Plan, our carers can assist with everything from showering, washing, drying, toileting, dressing and grooming.
  • We will always ensure the bathroom is left dry and safe. If continence is an issue, this will be addressed with a change of linen, night attire, incontinence pads, and laundering if required.

We offer cleaning, shopping & maintenance around the house to help provide you with a safe and comfortable home environment

Our household maintenance services help ensure your home is clean, hygienic and safe. Common Services include:
• Cleaning of bathroom and toilet areas
• Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of floors
• Changing bed linen
• Washing, hanging, folding and ironing of clothes
• Washing dishes and wiping benchtops

Of course, variations are available depending on your unique situation.

Household maintenance adheres to WorkSafe guidelines:
• The No Lift Policy applies. This means that care workers are not allowed to lift anything heavier than 5 kgs. eg a kitchen chair can be moved to mop the floor, but not a couch to vacuum behind it.
• Care workers cannot use chemicals that are toxic with prolonged exposure such as bleach.

We provide a range of respite options – allowing you regular carers and family members to have greater flexibility.

    • Respite care allows your usual carer (often a family member) to have a break from the care role, while giving you an opportunity for some relaxation and fun with your Care With Quality care.
    • Respite care can be at home or out and about in the community, using your carer’s car, public transport or walking locally.
    • To determine the best respite care to suit you, we start with a Leisure Assessment that determines the best use of respite time for you, according to your age, interests and requirements. This also allows us to match you with a carer that is more likely to share your unique interests, from reading or knitting, social activities, or kicking a footy in the park
    • We also offer a Meet and Greet prior to starting Respite care which allows for you and your family to meet your carer. We understand that we don’t always find the perfect match from the start, and will try different carers until we find the right person for you.

When considering several or ongoing respite services it’s a great idea to start the respite plan with a Leisure Assessment. Care With Quality can provide Leisure Assessments through the Occupational Therapist or specially trained Careworkers who looks into past interests and hobbies, what the person is doing now and what might be of interest in the future. This is combined with a review of the person’s current level of function and together a leisure plan is formulated for the respite sessions.

Occupational Therapy assessment is available through Care With Quality. Call 9572 9300 or email to enquire about these services

Escorting to Events, Appointments and Activities

There is no need to be stuck at home – enjoy transport and companionship to your appointments, daily activities and other outings

One of our favourite services that we provide is taking our clients to appointments, daily activities, and special events. Our carers say it is a privilege to watch the excitement of family wedding or birthday party, and that we can help you be with family for the big celebrations and important milestones.

We can help transport you to and from:

      • Medical and hospital appointments
      • Therapeutic appoints e.g. physio or hydrotherapy
      • Visiting friends and family
      • Weddings, birthday parties and other family functions
      • Funerals
      • Bridge or bowls
      • Planned activity groups, or community classes
      • Luncheons and meals out with friends
      • Theatre, movies, movies, museum or art gallery
      • Local park, gardens or beach
      • Church
      • Your local gym or pool

While you may not be able to engage in these activities alone, our carers can make sure you don’t miss out, enabling you to continue living life to your fullest.

We can help arrange an appointment for a range of therapeutic health services incl. nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy

Get in touch with us at (03) 9374 2100 so a member of our team can guide you through the full range of services available and fee information, including:

      • Nursing
      • Physiotherapy
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Counselling and Psychology
      • Diabetes Education
      • Nutrition
      • Optometry
      • Osteopathy
      • Driving assessments
      • Podiatrists
      • Speech therapy
      • Remedial Massage

We can help provide equipment and small home modifications to make your everyday life easier.

Care With Quality can help install mobility aids, items to support your daily needs, communication equipment, and small home improvements e.g. rails and shower chairs to increase your mobility around your home.

Attend social groups, Day Trips, activities/hobbies of interest, and much more.

  • Care With Quality has developed a range of social activities, getaways and outings which can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual members involved in the group
  • This program provides you with an opportunity to take a break from the routine at home, socialise, find companionship, access the community, to be involved in recreation, and to make friends
  • Many of our valued customers find a range of unexpected benefits from this program including: improved self-esteem; the opportunity to make your own choices; a chance to assert your individuality; having some respite, and definitely having fun!

Our carers are always available to provide you with companionship and friendship to make your day a little brighter.

  • We all need companionship, and at Care with Quality we understand that a friendly face and nice chat makes all the difference
  • Our carers can provide the type of companionship that suits you best – from somebody to stay home and have a chat with, to listening to your favourite music together, or going out to have a coffee
  • Whatever the time of day or day of the week, one of our carers can drop in for a short visit or a full day together.

Some people have difficulty ensuring that they are eating and drinking properly, whether it be for physical or cognitive reasons. Careworkers can attend daily at meal times to assist with the preparation of meals and to ensure meals are eaten, including adequate drinks are had as well.

It is well known that the smell of a freshly cooked meal can entice one’s appetite- so having meals prepared at home is beneficial in many ways and the food is more likely to be eaten than prepared packaged meals such as meals on wheels.

Because this was recognized as a major issue Care With Quality arranged for some Careworkers to be specially trained to shop and cook in people’s homes – up to a week worth of meals- in a cost effective and nutritious way and in a single session.

Probably one of the most important aspects of our work is around ensuring people eat and drink adequate amounts regularly.

As the physical demands of shopping alone get more difficult a Care With Quality Careworker can pick up a client and take them out to do their weekly shopping. This can of course include paying any bills, window shopping or having a coffee or lunch outing if the client wishes and time permits.

In some cases Careworkers are asked to do the shopping on behalf of the client with a list if that’s what they would prefer. When the shopping is done the Careworker can assist with putting it away as well.

Sometimes people who live in Residential Care Facilities or Retirement Villages request some extra services from Care With Quality. This may be in a Residential Care Facility to assist at mealtimes because the family feel that there aren’t enough staff at the facility to ensure their loved one is eating properly, or because extra one on one stimulation, such as a walk up to the park or having someone to read the paper and find interesting activities. Perhaps the family are going away and there is no-one to visit for a while.

Retirement Villages usually don’t have support services and so services need to be brought in by external providers such as Care With Quality.

Whatever the need, Care With Quality can provide these services, and family members have reported that they find much comfort in knowing extra services are going in.

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